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Testimonials What people are saying about Penta Water
Jillian Barberie November 2014 - Actress, television host, sportscaster
I drink Penta ultra purified water. I don’t deprive myself but am very conscientious about what I put in my body. I haven’t been sick in a long time.
Shea Racing October 2014 - American professional race car driver 
Hydration is a huge part of staying fit, especially in a race car. The heat can get up to 200 degrees in a car therefore, I only drink Penta. Penta gives me immediate hydration allowing me to perform at my 100 percent.
Jan Smith October 2013 - Vocal coach, producer, singer, songwriter
I have been using this water for a couple of years. I like it and can tell a difference with hydration. I only drink one or two bottles a day along with my regular osmosis water system to supplement the rest of my required water. I think it has been a big asset to my health and will continue to use it as long as I can. I think you have to have hydration issues to be able to tell that it makes a difference.
Jill V. Mangino September 2013
I love Penta... I have a reverse osmosis filter system at home but there is something about Penta that just makes me feel better and it tastes amazing!
Simit Patel December 2012
The best water ever! Tastes better, but far more important is your body will feel the difference. Try it and listen to what your body is telling you. I know it's expensive compared to water, but if you consider it in terms of how it will impact your health and quality of life, it's rather inexpensive. I've been drinking Penta for 3 years now and I consider it one of the best health decisions I've ever made.
Ralph R. August 2012
Been drinking so many different brands of bottled water, Penta Ultra Purified Water is outstanding among all the others, it has the taste that similar to the natural spring water. With the 13/11 purifying procedures, Penta water gives peace of mind to the consumers.